We are Backroom. Were a 3 piece band from Aurora Illinois. We make emo music for bastards like ourselves. From the depths of the midwest you will find us writing, performing, recording, and producing all of our own music. 


Fiona Garrity, Robbie Green, and Alex Stefanik are the only 3 members of Backroom. Fiona plays guitar and vocals. Alex plays bass. And Robbie plays drums. In their home town of Aurora Illinois, while still in high school. Fiona, Robbie, Alex started jamming and writing music together around May of 2020. A year later the 3 of them slowly started to release demos and play gigs. 


November 2021 rolls around and Alex quits. Noah then stepped in and became our new bassist. But Alex rejoined so sometimes Noah plays if needed Backroom. Backroom is not dead. And it never will be dead

till we say so. 


Blotted Paper and Dysfunctional out now!!!

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