Basement of a church May 27th

May 27th we will be coming out to Kankakee to play a show in the basement of a church. Free show and we will be joined by James Leroy, Dystrophy, Stillborn Prodigy, and Divisor. We're headling at 8! more info on our tour page.

Listen to our new single Blotted Paper

Our new single Blotted Paper is out now! ON EVERYTHING!

Halfway house  May 28th

May 28th we will be coming back to the Halfway House in Aurora IL to throw down at a midwestern emo/pop punk show with awesome bands Bad Planning, and more!

Listen to our new single Dysfunctional

Our other new single Dysfunctional is out now EVERYWHERE!!!

New Music Video!!


New Live Performance at SubT!

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